The Klon/Jawor Association has operated at the national level for 20 years promoting the values of open society, rule of law, helping pro-active citizens organise and act for good causes. Key areas of focus include:

  • The ngo.pl portal offering legal and compliance expertise and a space for debating civil society issues; it is recognised by 76% of NGO in Poland;
  • Research into civic engagement, including Poland's largest independent survey of the status of NGOs in Poland conducted regularly since 2002;
  • Legal and compliance counselling for activists; about 5,000 consultations per year;

Our team is made up of 16 highly competent and experienced full-time staff and a dozen or so external experts. The management is made up of 5 executives and most decisions are made consensually. We have a Board of Directors that guides our operations and ensures compliance. Executives and Directors are elected for three-year terms by the general assembly of members.