About us:

Klon/Jawor Association is an independent, apolitical and non-profit organization, which main objective is the development of a tolerant, active, creative, self-organizing society, providing equal opportunities to all citizens. The Association operates since 2000 and is one of the most important NGO in Poland, which focuses on supporting and studying third sector in the country. We employ 20 regular workers and cooperate with external experts. Full list of our team can be found >here<.

What we do:

Products and services of Klon/Jawor Association aim at supporting NGOs and civic participation through:

  • Informing about the NGO-related topics and citizens’ initiatives,
  • Creating a debate-platform for discussing important social issues,
  • Providing NGOs with professional knowledge necessary for establishing and managing the organisation,
  • Running free, on-line databases of all social entities in Poland,
  • Studying organisations and citizens' activities.

How we do:

Information – www.ngo.pl

We administrate a nationwide portal of non-governmental organizations. www.ngo.pl website is the largest, unique (not only for European, but also on global scale) and specialized portal addressed to entities within the civic society, i.e. associations, foundations, social activists, community workers, informal groups and other citizen initiatives. All of those groups are provided with current information and legal know-how and containing a regularly updated database of all NGOs in Poland (approx. 150,000 entities). www.ngo.pl is also a platform for discussion on important social topics. We moderate debates engaging both civil society activists and community workers. With more than 5 million users visiting ngo.pl annually, the site ranks among the TOP 10 public websites and attains an awareness level of 73% among all NGOs operating in Poland. The portal is under continuous technological, IT and substantive development.

The Association also provides advisory services in a variety of formats for NGOs and social leaders, supporting them with effective and efficient operations and self-organization of citizens. The Information Centre for NGOs helps in establishing and managing a social entity and offers consulting in formal-legal requirements, reporting and accounting. 5000 advisory services (by phone, e-mail, during face-to-face meetings and webinars) and some 300 guidance publications (case studies, legal analyses, discussion of changing legislation) are provided on annual basis.


We conduct research and analysis on NGOs and their environment. Every 2-3 years we realize nationwide survey on a representative group of organizations "The condition of the NGO sector in Poland". This regular research is a great source of information on financial and personal situation of NGOs in Poland, their cooperation with other partners, their activities and their problems. We also run a regular research on volunteering and philanthropy in Poland. Other topics that we study are e.g. cooperation of public and local administration with NGOs, public image of the third sector, corporate foundations. We also run a website www.fakty.ngo.pl dedicated to facts and figures about the third sector in Poland. From the studies’ results benefit representatives of the NGO sector, public administration, academia and media.

Our partners:

We cooperate (currently or in the past) with various institutional partners, e.g.

  • Polish-American Freedom Foundation,
  • Stefan Batory Foundation,
  • Trust for Civil Society for Central and Eastern Europe,
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,
  • Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,
  • European Union,
  • the Capital City of Warsaw.

Full list of partners can be found >here<.

Contact us:

Klon/Jawor Association


head of the Board: Ula Krasnodębska-Maciuła

portal ngo.pl:

research department:

telephone: +48 22 828 91 28

address: Szpitalna 5/5, 00-031 Warsaw, Poland